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Since 1999, Ingleside Therapeutic Massage and Yoga has offered the Pioneer Valley community services of massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, yoga & meditation to relieve pain and stress, replenish and soothe the body, mind and soul, awaken to Spirit-the highest part of ourselves; and feel the innate joy and goodness of our hearts! We guide our clients to heal, be resilient, live with in(“spirit”)ation & open to possibilities.


Holyoke Boathouse, Jones Ferry, 25 Jones Ferry Rd., Holyoke, MA 01040
Jones Ferry Road off of Main Street in Holyoke, MA



Come join us for Yoga classes on the deck of the Holyoke Boathouse. Practice Yoga outside with the warmth of the sun, the breeze of the air and the beauty of overlooking the CT river with the comfort of the deck and the roof overhead!

Class Schedule: 

Monday: 6:30pm-8:00pm-Intermediate Class (at least one year of consistent yoga practice);

Wednesday: 6:00pm-7:30pm- Mixed Level Class (all students welcome);

Thursday: 6:00pm-7:30pm-Gentle Yoga & Meditation (preregistration required for this class-see more details below); &

Saturday: 9:30am-11:00am-Mixed Level Class (all students welcome).

Class price:

5 class pack: $90.00($18.00 per class);

10 class pack: $155.00 ($15.50 per class); &

drop-in price: $20.00 per class
New & experienced students WELCOME!

Eight week-Life-Healing Sessions
for  ALL   WOMEN!


Healing Ourselves through Personal Empowerment

YogaHOPE- Trauma Informed Mind Body program (“TIMBo”)

Do you want to be more aware of, feel & honor your emotions?
Do you want to be more skillful in expressing your feelings?

Are you too critical of yourself & others?
Are you tired of repeating harmful patterns?
Do you want to create more healing ways to respond to & release stress?
Do you want to treat yourself & others with more kindness & compassion?
Do you want to live with more awareness?
Do you want to feel more joy, peace & acceptance in your life?

The yogaHOPE Trauma Informed Mind Body Program (TIMBo) was designed specifically for women and strategically addresses the effects of stress and trauma on the body and the mind. TIMBo will give you tools to allow you to live much more comfortably in your body! To feel your feelings, examine your coping strategies, change the ones that no longer serve you & create other coping strategies that are more life-affirming & not harmful. The sessions are one hour a week for eight weeks & includes workbook-based discussions on topics such as perspective, fear, creativity, guilt, confidence, shame, compassion, resentment, communication, feeling stuck, awareness, resiliency & faith.

TIMBo uses:
breath exercises;
simple, gentle yoga movements;
workbook-based discussions;
guided meditation


TIMBo offers tools that help you to:
authentically connect to yourself;
calm & balance your nervous system;
become stronger & more resilient;
practice self-compassion & acceptance for yourself & others.

No yoga or meditation experience necessary.

J Vecchia (you)'s profile photo
Janet (“J”) Vecchia
Certified yogaHope Trauma Informed Mind Body Program

(“TIMBo”) Facilitator
Certified Yoga Teacher

Registration Required
Eight Private One-Hour Sessions
(Both in-person or on Skype)

(Select your time that’s Best for you!)
$75.00 per hour ($600.00 for eight sessions)
Special: Sign Up by Oct. 15th-$400.00
(33% Off-Savings of $200.00- $50.00 per session)

(plus $15.00 for your TIMBo workbook)
To Register, please CLICK HERE
Questions, please contact J at j@massagetherapyoga.com
or at 413-313-5769

Gentle Yoga & Meditation Class
Thursday 6pm-7:30pm


Come enjoy our Gentle Yoga & Meditation Class! Ideal class for new students as well as for experienced students.

For thousands of years, people have used yoga, meditation & breath practices to move beyond their mind’s stress-inducing thoughts into the realm of clarity & calm found when truly living in the present moment. Yoga & meditation allows us the ability to withdraw from the distractions of every day life, & discover the wondrous mystery of who we genuinely are. Beyond providing mental clarity & peace, these practices foster significant physical health benefits, support us to manage & release stress more skillfully and can help us receive a better night’s sleep!

For New Students, enjoy our special 18% Discount: 6 classes for $90.00. New & experienced students WELCOME!

Preregistration Required, Call or text J at (413) 313-5769 or e-mail at: j@massagetherapyoga.com to reserve your space.


What our clients are saying:

Practicing yoga with J, I walk out a better person. With over 20 years doing yoga, the past five with J, I can attest that what endears me to J as a yogi and teacher is her classes’ interweaving the yoga good for my body with the spiritual coaching good for my soul, making my Saturday mornings with her like trans-denominational church: unique among so many modern yoga classes that have become purely physical. Too, I appreciate J’s sagacity. In a valley replete with yoga teachers, many young, this lady’s been around: she’s a retired civil rights lawyer, a highly-trained yogi, an experienced mom, a survivor of tough times, and an adventurer of the heart. She has much wisdom and expertise to share for those ready for more than your typical yoga class.
Jenn Dorfield, South Hadley, Jan. 7, 2015
After years of living in pain with temporal mandible joint disfunction (“TMJD”), and spending money and time at various doctors, I continued to be in pain.  Even though I was treated by my general practitioner, physical therapists, a regular dentist and a dentist who specialized in jaw problems, it was unsuccessful & I did not get any relief from my pain. It wasn’t until I saw John for CranioSacral Therapy that I am finally Pain Free! Thank you John!
Holly Fidrych
I am grateful to be a client of John’s for many years… He is a superb clinician-professional, caring, knowledgeable with steady, intuitive healing energy. I enjoy John’s deep tissue massage and focus on stressed areas of my body. He is very perceptive and skillful at releasing parts of my body that are misaligned and/or in pain. Over the years, John’s skillful hands have helped me tremendously with healing herniated discs, a torn rotator cuff and a detached bicep. After each treatment, I leave feeling amazed!
David T.